Hopetrek Shines at Key Energy 2024 with All-Scenario Intelligent Solution

Hopetrek is thrilled to have participated in the pivotal event, Key Energy 2024 Expo, held from February 28 to March 1, at the Rimini Expo Centre in Italy. Our booth, B7-026, shone as a beacon of innovation, drawing a diverse crowd of professionals and enthusiasts eager to discover the forefront of renewable energy technologies. In partnership with our esteemed Italian partner, VERUX, we enthralled attendees with our state-of-the-art products and solutions, infusing our booth with vibrant energy. Our involvement transcended mere showcases; it evolved into a rich dialogue of knowledge and a crucible for forging substantial collaborations. We are profoundly grateful for this extraordinary chance to engage with a community as committed to the advancement of sustainable energy as we are.

Hopetrek, your steadfast companion on the journey toward a sustainable future, is unyielding in our commitment to being the expert in all-scenario intelligent energy solutions. We harness the power of technology to create energy-centric systems. By exploring and harnessing sustainable energy, we transform it into practical, everyday solutions, infusing vitality and convenience into your life. Our offerings include portable power stations, solar panels, residential energy storage systems (RESS), and commercial and industrial solutions. Our global presence is fortified by specialized local teams across 18 countries. Our secret sauce? Over half our team is focused on research and development, thanks to investing more than 10% of our revenue back into innovation.

This year's Key Energy expo was a platform for Hopetrek to unveil our star products, including the SL-A Series Hybrid Inverter and the LB5 Series Low-Voltage Battery, along with our all-in-one RESS solutions. These innovations highlight our commitment to higher yields, safety, reliability, and user-friendly experiences, designed to enhance energy independence and sustainability.

The SL-A Series Hybrid Inverter, ideal for residential and light commercial applications, exemplifies smart energy management by optimizing the consumption of solar energy. It ensures the efficient use of generated power by prioritizing loads and storing excess energy in batteries. During daylight, the PV system generates electricity which is initially supplied to the loads, with any surplus energy charging the battery via the inverter. This stored energy is then released to meet load demands as needed. The inverter supports seamless integration with existing solar systems and offers the versatility of both on-grid and off-grid operation. Additionally, the battery can be charged by diesel generators, thus ensuring an uninterrupted power supply during grid blackouts.

Our LB5 Series Low-Voltage Battery is a testament to our commitment to safety and reliability. Designed for household energy storage, it employs lithium iron phosphate cells and a high-performance processor to maximize service life. Its modular design, IP65 rating for water and dust resistance, and built-in safety features make it an ideal choice for enhancing household energy resilience and safety.

The ESS-SAH5B10-A-EU and ESS-TH100K215 solutions cater to residential and industrial/commercial applications, respectively, demonstrating our capability to meet diverse energy needs. From integrated high-power inverters and LiFePO4 batteries for residential use to large-scale storage solutions for industrial parks and commercial complexes, our products are designed to offer flexible, safe, and efficient energy management solutions.

With the increasing occurrence of power outages due to extreme weather and aging infrastructure, portable power stations have transcended their role as mere backups to become essential lifelines during outages and off-grid adventures. Whether you're at home or embarking on an outdoor adventure, when you need power for your small appliances and mobile devices, the Hopetrek EnerCube series and EnerGo series deliver both portability and versatility. From the power bank EnerGo 140 and the camp-friendly EnerCube 1000 to the robust EnerCube 2000 and 2400, ideal for RVs and emergency situations, Hopetrek meets every energy need. Pair them with Hopetrek solar panels for an uninterrupted energy supply, no matter where life takes you. Discover true energy freedom with Hopetrek.

Choosing Hopetrek means opting for excellence across the spectrum—from product innovation to comprehensive service support. Our offerings are complemented by professional training, on-site services, and a global support network, ensuring our partners and customers are fully empowered. Moreover, our marketing services and extensive warranty options underscore our commitment to long-term partnerships and customer satisfaction.

We're so grateful to everyone who made our time at Key Energy 2024 unforgettable. As we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the realm of sustainable energy, we invite you to join us on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future. For more information about our products and solutions, please contact us at infoit@uniview.com or call +39 3242802223.


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