Visionary Energy, Smart Solutions: Experience Hopetrek at Genera 2024

Madrid, Spain – Hopetrek, a vanguard in innovative energy solutions, is excited to announce its debut at Genera 2024, Spain's premier energy event. From February 6 to 8, we invite you to visit us at Booth 10A11 at IFEMA, where we will showcase our latest advancements in renewable energy technology.


As the world converges on the importance of energy efficiency and climate neutrality, Hopetrek stands out with its comprehensive suite of intelligent energy solutions. As pioneers at the intersection of technology and sustainability, we are thrilled to showcase our robust portfolio, which encompasses everything from versatile portable power stations to comprehensive residential and commercial energy storage systems.

Hopetrek global influence is magnified by specialized local teams in 18 countries and a strong dedication to research and development, with over half of our workforce focused on innovation. This commitment is fueled by significant annual investments, ensuring that Hopetrek continues to lead the charge in providing intelligent energy solutions for all scenarios.

Our commitment to empowering consumers and industries alike is at the core of our mission. At Hopetrek, we transform sustainable energy into everyday, practical applications, fostering a future where technology and eco-friendliness go hand in hand. This vision fuels our presence at Genera 2024, where we aim to connect with professionals across the energy sector, sharing insights and forging partnerships that champion climate neutrality.

Hopetrek SL-A Series Hybrid Inverter will be the highlight of our exhibition – an epitome of efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness, all designed to optimize solar energy utilization for both residential and light commercial settings. Its sophisticated energy management system integrates flawlessly with current power setups to facilitate true energy independence.


Our LB5 Series Low-Voltage Battery also takes center stage, exemplifying the pinnacle of stability and reliability. This modular powerhouse, backed by Hopetrek's cell technology and top-tier safety certifications, promises a versatile and scalable energy storage solution that aligns with the diverse needs of modern consumers.


Choosing Hopetrek goes beyond selecting products; it’s about embracing a full suite of services. Our offerings span from specialized training conducted by industry experts and agile on-site support to all-inclusive after-sales care and synergistic marketing collaborations. Our extended warranty of up to 15 years underscores our confidence in the long-term value and reliability of our products.

As Genera 2024 approaches, we warmly extend an invitation to all attendees to engage with us, discover our revolutionary products, and explore the boundless possibilities that Hopetrek's intelligent energy solutions can unlock for a sustainable and technologically enriched future. Embark on a journey of hope and innovation with us at Genera 2024.