Hopetrek Revolutionized Renewable Energy Solutions at ENEX-Poland 2024

Hopetrek, an innovator in sustainable energy systems, made a significant debut at the 26th International Power Industry and Renewable Sources of Energy Fair ENEX, which took place at the Targi Kielce Exhibition & Congress Centre in Kielce, Poland, from February 7-8, 2024. Visitors engaged with Hopetrek's advanced offerings at Booth A-62.

Hopetrek proudly presented the innovative TH-A&B Series Hybrid Inverter, ranging from 5-25kW, crafted for both on-grid and off-grid scenarios, and designed with a keen focus on efficiency and user-friendliness. The ESS-TH5/6/8/10/12/15/20/25K models represented a new generation of three-phase hybrid inverters supporting high-voltage batteries ranging from 160-700V. These inverters were designed to maximize system efficiency and minimize heat dissipation. With their compact design and substantial power density, they offered an impressive 1.3 DC/AC ratio, optimizing device investments. Additionally, the series' capability for three-phase unbalanced output broadened its adaptability to various operational scenarios. This series signified a remarkable advancement in energy efficiency and user-oriented design.

Complementing the TH-A&B Series, the HB5 Series High-Voltage Battery stands as a robust storage solution. Compatible with the TH-A&B Series inverters, it offers expansive storage capacities between 10.24 kWh and 25.6 kWh. These batteries are engineered to meet rigorous energy demands, from enhancing self-consumption to providing reliable backup power. The HB5 Series features a stackable and self-detecting modular design, which simplifies installation and maintenance. In addition, the batteries are equipped with durable lithium iron phosphate (LFP) cells, guaranteeing utmost safety and an extended lifecycle. The HB5 Series does more than power homes and businesses; it integrates seamlessly into living spaces with its sleek and elegant design, underscoring Hopetrek's dedication to aesthetic and functional energy solutions.

Experience the Hopetrek Advantage:

By choosing Hopetrek, partners and customers aligned with a visionary brand at the epicenter of energy innovation. Our comprehensive support system, from cutting-edge R&D to responsive customer service, ensured that every stakeholder benefited from the full spectrum of our expertise.

Exclusive Event Recap:

In tandem with the product showcase, Hopetrek hosted an interactive Snap & Share event. Visitors to our booth captured their #HopetrekMoment, and stood a chance to win exceptional prizes, celebrating the fusion of technology and convenience in their daily life.

The opportunity to connect with Hopetrek at ENEX-Poland 2024 allowed attendees to discover the synergy of partnering with a leader in sustainable energy solutions. Together, we navigated the path to a technologically advanced, energy-efficient future.