Unveil HOPETREK: Your Specialist in All-scenario, Intelligent Energy Solutions

Unveil HOPETREK: Your Specialist in All-scenario, Intelligent Energy Solutions


HOPETREK, a brand that stands at the intersection of innovation, fusing technology with the renewable energy industry, proudly announces its grand entry into the global market.

Powered by cutting-edge technology, Hopetrek delves into the sustainable energy realm, reshaping it into practical solutions that seamlessly integrate into everyday life.

With a robust presence across 16 countries, our dedicated teams ensure that Hopetrek's unparalleled service transcends borders. Driven by innovation, we're at the forefront of change, with over 50% of our workforce immersed in groundbreaking R&D, backed by significant annual investments.

At Hopetrek, we fortify your life and businesses with clean, renewable energy. Hopetrek aims to sculpt an intelligent, safe and efficient energy storage system, allowing you to experience the transformative power of clean energy. You can truly feel the magical power of clean energy in daily life and participate in energy-saving practices.

With increasing power outages due to extreme weather and aging infrastructure, portable power stations are no longer just backups—they're essential lifelines for outages and off-grid adventures. Enter Hopetrek’s upcoming Amazon launch: cutting-edge portable power stations, with output ranging from 1000W to 2400W. Be it the camp-friendly EnerCube 1000 for camping, or the robust EnerCube 2000 and 2400 ideal for RVs and emergencies, we cater to every energy need.

Pair them with Hopetrek solar panels, and experience an unbroken energy chain, no matter where life takes you. With Hopetrek, rediscover true energy freedom.

Hopetrek EnerCube 1000 | 998Wh Capacity

Rated AC output: 1000W | Number of devices simultaneously supported: 11 | Number of charging methods: 3 | Dimensions: 15.0*8.4*10.4 inches | Weight: 12kg

Whether at home or while experiencing an outdoor adventure, if you need power for your small appliances and mobile devices, the EnerCube 1000 offers both portability and versatility. With three 120V AC sine wave outputs, EnerCube 1000 charges seamlessly from wall outlets, solar panels, or cars. Thanks to its advanced two-way inverter flash charging, when you need to recharge the power station’s battery, it can fully charge in 1.7 hours—no adapter needed.

Features include:

Smart Car Charging - Intelligent Engine Detection for Ultimate Battery Protection.

Intelligent Grid Recognition - Auto-Switch Current Output for Optimal Charging.

Grip & Go-Engineered for easy carry, robust handle combines strength and convenience.

Hopetrek EnerCube 2000| 1872Wh Capacity

Rated AC output: 2000W | Number of devices simultaneously supported: 16 | Number of charging methods: 3 | Dimensions: 20.4*11.5*12.7 inches | Weight: 22.5kg

Whether it's for indoor living or outdoor adventure, the improved energy capacity, lasting battery life, and smart speed selective charging technology make the EnerCube 2000 an impeccable necessity.

The UL-certified lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery cells offer large capacity, are safe and stable, and enable a single device to reach a 10-year service life.

The EnerCube 2000 achieves industry-leading performance with zero compromises to safety thanks to 8 self-protection Technology which is tailored for your electrical safety.

Smart Speed Selective Charging Technology: Choose the optimal charging speed tailored to your needs, ensuring both efficiency and safety.

The integrated high-resolution LED display shows battery level and device charge and discharge status at a glance.


Hopetrek EnerCube 2400| 2496Wh Capacity

Rated AC output: 2400W | Number of devices simultaneously supported: 16 | Number of charging methods: 3 | Dimensions: 20.4*11.5*12.7 inches | Weight: 22.5kg

A Total Off-Grid, All-Season Power Solution. Tailored for those with high power demands, its impressive 2496 Wh capacity ensures consistent power supply during off-grid adventures, means that when you're off-grid, you can run that battery longer without needing the sunshine, or being plugged in anywhere to bring the power into it. Boasting a formidable 2496Wh capacity and 2400W power output, it supports 99% of appliances. Its industry-leading solar conversion efficiency offers a full charge in just 2.5 hours via wall outlet. It also comes with a 5-year warranty. With EPS support, it can harness power from mains via AC output, resuming power supply within 30ms following any mains interruption (AC total input power < 1400W). With an uncompromising quality control system, Hopetrek subject products to over 400 rigorous evaluations, ensuring unparalleled durability. It has comprehensive certifications, including PSE Diamond Certification, UL2743, CE, CB, and more.


At Hopetrek, we don’t just see the future, we create it, a greener, more sustainable future for all.

With Hopetrek, let’s illuminate the path to a sustainable future.